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Five years ago our front-line representatives would have had been challenged to clearly articulate our value propositions and competitive differentiators to customers – thanks to the ongoing work we’ve done with Vision Wheel, our teams are now so much more thoroughly equipped to be the brand ambassadors we need them to be!”

Tracey Bruce
Director Internal Communications Bell and The Source

I will never forget our ‘New Year’s in New York’ trip – one of the best trips of my life. The sales campaign was built so well that all of my colleagues were very motivated and excited to do our best to win. We worked hard and it really paid off! Thank you for bringing so much fun and motivation into our jobs.”

Kris Wojciechowski
“Campaign Winner”, MSN

Vision Wheel was a professional, personable and responsive resource for our organization, as we consulted with them on critical moves forward. They had the insight and ability to make things simple and clear, proposing straight-forward strategies to move us closer to our unique organizational end goals.”

Donna Lamothe
Executive Director RSVP Ministries

Working with Vision Wheel to launch Project Zero has taken our non-profit organization to a whole new level. Their ability to assess and understand our vision, then implement the dynamics and motivators in attracting new key donors was remarkable. I highly recommend Vision Wheel. You will not be disappointed!”

Dr. Jay Klopfenstein
President T-Net International

Working with Vision Wheel has provided Bell with the artistic and strategic expertise required to execute on our vision. Our quarterly ‘Why Bell’ campaigns, and our accompanying ‘Spotlight Videos’ have ensured that Bell is set up for success. By clearly highlighting our product benefits, these programs have made our sales representatives more knowledgeable and confident, and able to close more sales.”

Naomi Simon
Bell Training Management

Vision Wheel always finds ways to make our frontline representatives feel very valued and motivated in their work. They continually brainstorm new, creative ways to build employee appreciation into all of the internal communication work we do together. Our reps love each new educational campaign because there are always elements included to surprise and delight them! Vision Wheel is always willing to go the extra mile to make their clients lives easier and support us in building campaigns that bring our brand to life!”

Lisa DeFreitas
Virgin Mobile Internal Communications

Exceptional strategic thinking! It has always been a pleasure working together and finding new, creative ways to win in our market. As a focused, results-oriented marketing team, Vision Wheel works hard to drive first-class outcomes in every project they tackle. Their clear, confident and insightful communication style makes them an ideal partner for any marketing venture.”

Kevin Cluett
VP Marketing Bell Canada

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